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Top 5 Types of Video Content for NPE+

With NPE quickly approaching, and NPE+’s preview beginning even sooner, I’ve compiled a list of the top 5 types of video you should have for the new digital platform. If you haven’t already, check out this article here to get a crash course on NPE+ and why you should take advantage of the platform as much as possible.

And a quick word on why you should listen to us at all… Empire Studios has been creating video content for some of the most recognizable brands in the plastics industry over the years, including Yushin, Japan Steel Works, Netstal and more. I don’t mean to throw flowers on myself, but we know what we’re talking about when it comes to video, especially on this particular topic. We started producing content for NPE in ‘09, and have done so at every show since.

Now this assumes you have a Bronze Showroom tier or above, as that’s where you’re able to start adding video. For more information on what’s included on the different tiers, read our article all about the Visibility Packages.

So let’s kick things off, starting at the #5 video you should have for the NPE+.

#5: A company overview

If you get someone checking out your NPE+ digital showroom who isn’t very familiar with you, let’s make sure they get up to speed. This should be a polished video shot at your facility, and I’m a big fan of having some of your team on camera, talking, which helps build that personal connection. You may already have a video like this – if so (and it’s not 9 years old and looks dated), publishing that to NPE+ will help start that new customer relationship on a positive note.

#4: A facility tour

In normal circumstances, not everyone who wants to see your facility can make the trip. Nowadays, it can be literally impossible with the pandemic still underway. A facility tour can be the next best thing to going in person. Think dramatic drone shots, beautiful footage of your bustling shop floor (even if it’s a bit grimy, because manufacturing is beautiful), a smiling receptionist… all the best of the things a customer would actually see when they come to visit.

Well, maybe not the angles from the drone… unless you offer helicopter tours as part of a walkthrough? If so, call me. I’ll take a helicopter ride.

Ok, moving on!

#3: Educational content

It’s all about bringing VALUE to the attendees, whether that’s showing them something new that benefits them, or it’s something that teaches them about a topic or specific thing.

Let’s say your company makes injection molding machines. It can be any physical product, but for the sake of the example, let’s go with the machines. Is there any part of the machine that the customer can or should perform annual or quarterly maintenance on? If so, I’m sure you have a PDF you provide with the instructions… but what about a video where one of your technicians walks them through step-by-step? He or she can provide advice and tips as they move through the process, and it can help otherwise preventable emergency calls in the middle of the night when they can’t figure something like that out.

People naturally feel appreciative when you teach them something valuable they didn’t know before (or were unclear on). This can go a long way, and of course can be used outside of NPE+.

#2: A specific look at an aspect of your booth

This could be one thing you want to show off, or a cell that’s running. Not only does this give a great, in-depth look at an important facet of your booth, but it lives on long after the show closes down. Since companies tend to pull out all the stops with these things, it’s nice to know customers can still see it in action after the show itself is over.

Here’s one from Yushin America, one of the leading companies of takeout robots. 

#1: A new product or service announcement

Big shows are for big news, and chances are good there’s something going on you can announce since the last NPE, big or small. What is it, and how will it benefit your customers? This is another video that should be handled professionally, and can consist of interviews with the engineers who designed it, or it can be a carefully scripted narration showing how it works and why it’s awesome.

Not only a video for NPE+, but it’s also is something you need to have on your website and plastered everywhere else to help get the word out. This is really is the most important video you can make for the show.

Hey, if you’re still in need of video content for the show, Empire Studios is a full service video production company that’s been helping businesses big and small in the plastics industry for over a decade. We’ve got the experience to help you hit and exceed your goals using strategic video marketing. Any questions on how we can help, just drop us a line.


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