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examples of some of our recent work


Our team is passionate about creating high-quality video content that is tailored to our clients' needs. We have produced videos in a variety of manufacturing industries, ranging from small-scale operations to multinational corporations.


Within the manufacturing industry, we do extensive work in the plastics industry. From injection molding machine manufacturers and warehouses of molds, to SMBs that produce billions of plastic parts, we've filmed it all.


When your customers talk about how happy they are with your services or products, it carries a LOT of weight with your soon-to-be customers!


The same goes with your employees when you're looking to recruit top talent. Testimonial videos help you hit the goals you're aiming for.

... and everything else!

With experience producing content in a wide variety of industries -- from education and pharmaceuticals to relocation and construction -- you can be confident that Empire Studios can help you achieve your goals with the power of video marketing.

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