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Empire studios is now 100% solar powered!

Being environmentally friendly has been important to us from the beginning, starting small with recycled business cards and paper stock in the office, to our hybrid work SUV, and eventually as technology caught up, to high efficiency LED lighting on set.

Today, we've taken another BIG STEP that's been a long time coming: our solar panel system has just been powered on, and 100% of our electricity is now from renewable energy.

Everything from charging up our gear's batteries for a shoot, to powering our editing computers, and the lighting in our studio for product photography is courtesy of our closest star, the sun.

In addition, our heating & cooling is no longer an oil-based furnace, but a state-of-the-art mini split system that uses outdoor ambient air as fuel, and the solar panels to run it, bringing all of our HVAC completely green as well.

The Earth is our home, and we understand the importance of doing what we can to treat her well. Our clients now have the satisfaction of knowing their productions with us now have almost a ZERO carbon footprint (hopefully a fully electric work SUV is in our future!).

Here's to starting off 2023 strong.


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