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My Gear Got SERIOUSLY Dirty on This Shoot!

Things that coated my camera and myself while filming the latest promotional video: grass clippings, dirt, road salt, snow, leaves and wood chips. At one point, I even had to wear a hard hat. That’s what happens when filming an 18-month long project for a landscaping company.

The gear before the mayhem.

We wanted to create a promotional video that would not be easily copied. Who the heck spends the time to shoot in all 4 seasons? Who’s that crazy? This is the part where I enthusiastically raise my hand (and the finished video is at the bottom of this post). 

The guys were great to work with (even when we set up a small movie set around the camera-shy owner for his interview), and it was incredible seeing them work up close in a variety of situations. Aside from really busting their hump with all the manual labor involved, the unspoken coordination between the crew was like watching a carefully choreographed dance routine. 

However, at the end of THIS performance, there was no applause, just an immaculate yard. It’s clear they’ve been working together for a long time, and it really was incredible seeing how efficiently they got their work done. I think they also enjoyed seeing me running around with the Glidecam, sometimes inches from their zero-turn mowers and getting covered in grass clippings or whatever else they were working with that day. I may have scared a few as I purposefully ventured too close to them to get just the right angle. They’re not used to people jumping in front of their leaf blowers, I guess (but the looks on their faces were priceless).

After doing some research, not a single landscaping company in the area has any video content at all. Nothing. So getting this video ranking in Google search results for the area will be like shooting fish in a barrel. I predict other landscapers will jump into video marketing once they see what we produced, but it will be hard for them to attempt to replicate what we did.

The client was super stoked with the result, and it’s gotten great feedback from his clients already (it’s been out about 24 hours as I write this). I’m looking forward to their continued success!

You can check out the finished product here:


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